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We use the world’s most popular geology and mine planning software, supporting open pit and underground operations and exploration projects. It is widely used by mining companies worldwide to refresh their plans and better communicate results. Exposure and basic competence in these softwares package are important factors that will help geologists and mining engineers to better utilize the tools and build a game plan for the future.

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It is well known there is a shortage of people with mining software expertise and it is therefore important that mining engineers have the skills to do the right value-adding work. Whether you are about to implement a new software, develop your skills, or have a special project.

We help you know what are the problems out there and build a game plan for the future.

We address one of the most critical issues in mining and geology software: the lack of complete integration from exploration to production. Our clients are guaranteed a smooth transition between all phases of exploration and production.

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Our projects


Hexagon Mining Underground Pro Project Management

Hexagon Mining underground production project management and evaluation for an underground mining operation.


Bergby lithium project technical report

Bergby Lithium Project Technical Report: Proven Know How Results Lithium Mineral Exploration

Customers Benefits

  • We help you get paid faster and develop world-class assets responsibly.
  • We help you cut cost and grow cash returns to shareholders.
  • We help you reach new customers and capture new markets.
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