As a geology and mining consulting engineering firm providing technical solutions across the globe, we connect technologies to create progress for you, our clients. Choose your industry below to find out what services we can provide for you. Below each industry or service you will be able to read more about our Success Stories. Welcome to Gosselin Mining!

Gosselin Mining plans and designs raw material suppliers for the cities and communities of the future. Whatever challenges our customers are facing, they can count on us to solve them. These industries describe what we do to help you in your work.


Gosselin Mining offers know-how in open pit/underground mining projects in the Nordic region as well as internationally. We help mining clients and find leading engineering solutions to solve a range of specialised mineral industry problems.


The forest products industry plays a major role in modern economy. It includes companies within the pulp and paper industry, as well as the wood-mechanical industry.


The development of society constantly places new demands on infrastructure, communication equipment and sustainable energy systems.

Industrial Minerals

No other industry has such crucial impact on our lives, our world is made of industrial minerals. Every human on earth consumes minerals in the course of their lifespan and as such are amongst the most important raw materials for our world.


Accelerated urbanization puts increasing pressure upon our society infrastructure. We help you with a unique range of expertise in search of efficient and sustainable infrastructure solutions. 


The rapid growth of the world’s population has caused an increase in demand for food production. Combine technology and effective practices for a solid but flexible modern innovative solutions to the agriculture industry.