Metals mining consulting make green energy transition possible

The need for primary raw materials, such as metals extracted from mines, is increasing with an increasing population and rising standard of living in many places. Mining forms the basis of modern societies, our cities, digitalization and securing a transition to green energy technologies. Metals play a critical role for manufacturing the products of the low-carbon economy towards achieving sustainability.

Mineral exploration, geology & consulting mining engineer

The shortage of experienced geologists and mining engineers is a common problem in the raw material industry. Many companies struggle to find qualified professionals to handle their mineral projects effectively.

Imagine working with a reliable and experienced geology and mining engineering consulting firm that can solve your staffing challenges. At Gosselin Mining, we have a team of highly technical skilled professionals who are ready to tackle any project and provide innovative solutions.

Our independent consulting firm specializes in providing expert engineering services for the geology and mining industry. With our wealth of knowledge and technical experience, we can help you overcome the shortage of skilled engineers and ensure the success of your mineral projects. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business needs.

Metals mining engineering consulting solutions unlocking your project value

We believe in challenging the mineral industry status quo with brave ideas will give you the opportunity to succeed in the long term with your mining projects through access to innovative mine engineering solutions. 

The way we challenge the status quo is by advancing and optimizing your industrial minerals and raw material projects by working with an interdisciplinary team with support of leading Qualified Person mining experts who provide high-value added and functional engineering solutions.

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Areas of metals mining technical expertise

  • Geology and resources
  • Mine planning and scheduling
  • Open pit mine optimization
  • Mine engineering
  • Mining project evaluation
  • Mineral ore reserves estimation
  • Technical reports (Feasibility study) 
  • CAPEX and OPEX accuracies
  • Mine transport optimization
  • Rock mechanics and mining geotechnics
  • Drones survey and data processing
  • Stockpiles volume calculations
  • Qualified Person (QP) NI43-101 mineral projects public disclosure
  • Competent Person (CP) JORC/PERC Codes mineral resources and reserves public disclosure
  • Mine surveying
  • Mapping in hazardous mining areas using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV/drone) photogrammetry
  • Geological and mine planning software
  • Mining engineering training
  • Mineral projects & mining feasibility study peer review
  • Mining reports and mergers and acquisition due diligence
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We have the metals mining consulting expertise to work at every stage of your mineral projects

Gosselin Mining independent consulting engineering firm understands the unique challenges faced by mining and metals industries and how to help clients find efficient and practical technical solutions associated with surface and underground mines and the mining operations logistical constraints that are encountered.

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