Gosselin Mining is one where profitability, concern for the environment and social commitment are in harmony. Running a sustainable consulting business involves, for example, using own resources economically and reducing any negative environmental impact.

It is proven! Through structured sustainability work, we are securing our company's development for the future, reducing business risks, rising our company's value and growing opportunity for increased profitability! 

As a small company, through sustainability work, our goal is to prepare for the future and achieve increased profitability, a leverage effect on value development. It is therefore essential that Sweden's small companies now invest in sustainability and focus on this potential.

Sustainability geology mining consulting engineer

We are now working focused on investing in sustainable development, as this is one of our cornerstone for successful and profitable entrepreneurship. Our aim is to identify areas within sustainability that are relevant to our engineering firm and to create a structure for how we can best take the next step towards achieving increased profitability.

Reducing Gosselin Mining consulting engineer climate impact

From the first moment, we want to support mineral industry in every way, by caring for their project well-being and the world around them. With Gosselin Mining, we are staying true to providing our state-of-the-art and most environmental friendly services, while also reducing our climate impact.

Now, we only used certified 100% renewable electricity in our offices. Our website is also climate-neutral certified, making sure we fulfill another step toward greater sustainability and climate protection. Yet, our effort continues, striving to always provide greater care for your mineral projects and the environment.

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Now Gosselin Mining is a proud participant in Cykelvänligast

Sustainable transport

We use bicycles, public transport, prioritize modes of transport with extras low or now emissions and choose stud less vehicles with the right air pressure in tire and low engine noise if possible for urban city transport.

To encourage and support all employees who cycle to and from work, Gosselin Mining is now making a commitment to become a more bicycle-friendly workplace. Through our participation in Cykelvänligast, we want to focus on the value of active transport to and from work and in the service. Cycling provides healthier employees who perform better, at the same time we reduce our climate impact and get cleaner air in the city.

In order to be able to measure and monitor how bike-friendly our workplace is, we have appointed an employee who will work on the issue internally and develop a plan for what we can improve at the workplace. We also conducted a travel habits survey to learn more about how our employees travel to and from work and on duty today.

Cykelvänligast is run by Municipalities in the Stockholm region, and the Energy and Climate Advisory Board in collaboration with Cykelfrämjandet. Read more at

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What you work for should reflect what you stand for

Social commitment

GOSSELIN is a committed company and encourages blood donation during working hours. We fully support blood donation during working hours and participate in the initiative "Save life at work".

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Training with LGBTQI focus

Knowing and understanding the rights of LGBTQI people is not a matter of opinion - it is about human rights. LGBTQI training lays the foundation for a workplace where everyone feels welcome. GOSSELIN Mining focus with this training gives employees a first insight into LGBTQI issues. See what's possible when your personal and professional values align (link to some reference projects).