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September 2022

Norway national day

On the occasion of the Norwegian national day, Nasjonaldagen, we would like to wish friends, colleagues, clients and all Norwegians and their family a safe and happy Constitution Day celebration!

May 2022

Euro Mine Expo-Sweden

Euro Mine Expo-Sweden: Mining Exploration Consult-Euro Mine Expo-Sweden

May 2022

Battery Minerals-BATCircle 2.0 Receives Grant from Business Finland

BATCircle 2.0, a coalition headed by Aalto University, comprising of six research organizations and 15 companies, such as Fortum Recycling & Waste, has been awarded a grant of 10.8 million euros from a total funding budget of 19.3 million euros for a three-year period.

June 2023

Midsummer Holiday

On the occasion of the Midsummer and St-Jean-Baptiste Day we would like to wish friends, colleagues, clients and all and their family a safe and Glad Midsommar as well as Bonne St-Jean-Baptiste! In 2022, the Christian tradition of celebrating the prophet St. John the Baptist on 24 June coincides with the summer solstice. In Northern Europe, the date is still celebrated with the lighting of bonfires and festivities.

June 2022

6 Tips for Succesful Bicycle Commuting

The cycling challenge will take place during the month of November and registration will open in September. Make sure to start cycling now and you have a really good chance to perform well in the challenge later this year!

June 2022