Industrial minerals

No other industry has such crucial impact on our lives, our world is made of industrial minerals. Every human on earth consumes minerals in the course of their lifespan and as such are amongst the most important raw materials for our world. Extraction is the beginning of processes that take minerals into our lives. Without these minerals there will be no glass, ceramics, paper, plastics or paint.

In fact, your life would be totally different without industrial minerals!

Gosselin Mining - exploration, industrial minerals and quarry - Sweden

Value Creation for Modern Life

We believe in challenging the status quo with brave ideas will give you the opportunity to succeed in the long term with your industrial mineral projects through access to innovative engineering solutions. 

The way we challenge the status quo is by advancing and optimizing your project by working with an interdisciplinary team with support of leading experts who provide high-value added and functional engineering solutions.

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Our Capabilities

  • Mine planning and scheduling
  • Open pit optimization
  • Mine Engineering
  • Mining Project Evaluation
  • Mineral reserves estimation
  • Technical reports (Feasibility studies)
  • CAPEX and OPEX accuracies
  • Mine Transport optimization
  • Rock Mechanics and Mining Geotechnics
  • Qualified Person (Mining QP or CP) support.
  • Mapping in hazardous mining areas using unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) photogrammetry
  • Software Training
  • Due Diligence
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