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Mine Surveying

We provide comprehensive mine surveying solutions for both underground and open pit mining operations.

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Mine survey and mapping solutions

Mining surveyors are crucial

Mine surveying and mapping are vital in mining as geospatial and subsurface data form the basis of any mining project. Miners depend on surveys and mapping throughout the mine's life cycle, from identifying potential locations and ore deposit modeling to mine design, planning, safety, and monitoring.

Comprehensive mine surveying solutions

Our experienced mine surveyors use cutting-edge technology and a variety of complementary skills to provide successful mine surveying solutions. Whether above or below ground, we have the expertise to ensure you always have the necessary mine services to enhance your mining operations.

Our extensive experience in mining industry and mineral exploration, from exploration to closure, provides us with an in-depth understanding of both green and brownfield mineral projects. The Land Surveys team has expertise in all mining commodities and contemporary mining techniques.

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Our projects


Hexagon Mining Underground Pro Project Management

Hexagon Mining underground production project management and evaluation for an underground mining operation.

Customers Benefits

  • We help you get paid faster and develop world-class assets responsibly.
  • We help you cut cost and grow cash returns to shareholders.
  • We help you reach new customers and capture new markets.
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