Woxna graphite mine preliminary economic assessment

Qualified Person mining engineer open pit optimization, project manager and corporate mine engineer for Woxna Graphite Restart Project. Executed open pit optimization, design and scheduling for Kringel Mine Preliminary Economic Analysis (PEA) and Technical Ni43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate Study in order to rapidly advance the project into production to capture favorable graphite market conditions.

2012-2013 and 2020-2021
Gosselin Mining - QP mine engineer Lithium NI43 PEA report - Sweden


Gosselin Mining provide a distinct and essential service for companies in the mining sector, including Woxna Graphite, seeking to effectively carry out their projects and capitalize on favorable market circumstances. Gosselin Mining's team of adept professionals in open pit optimization, design, scheduling, and mineral resource estimate studies delivers the required expertise to expediently progress projects into production.

Woxna Graphite, a mineral exploration firm with noteworthy mining industry proficiency, has encountered obstacles in progressing its projects and leveraging graphite market conditions. Nevertheless, Gosselin Mining provides the perfect solution. The Gosselin Mining team, comprising a Qualified Person (QP), project manager, and corporate mining engineer, has adeptly executed diversified mining undertakings, such as the Woxna Graphite Kringel Mine Restart Project Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA).

Our challenges

The team's proficiency and dexterity have facilitated the prompt progression of mineral projects towards production. Their expertise in open pit optimization, design, scheduling, and market analysis has proven outstanding. They assist companies, such as Leading Edge Materials, in overcoming obstacles and efficiently executing their projects to take advantage of market conditions. They have a proven track record of navigating industry challenges and delivering projects within budget and on time.

Our solutions

In conclusion, Woxna Graphite and other mining companies can rely on Gosselin Mining's proficiency and abilities to execute projects efficiently. With their team of highly skilled professionals, Gosselin Mining can assist companies in overcoming challenges to advance projects and capitalize on market opportunities.

The collaboration with Gosselin Mining enables Woxna Graphite to rely on their expertise for effective execution of mining projects. With a proficient team of experts at their disposal, Woxna Graphite can confidently depend on Gosselin Mining to execute projects efficiently and seize market opportunities. This partnership guarantees that Woxna Graphite can surmount previous difficulties and thrive in the mining industry.

Project highlights

  • Highly skilled professionals in open pit optimization, design, scheduling, and resource estimatation studies;
  • Have successfully executed mining projects including the Kringel Mine Restart Project PEA technical-economic study.;
  • Rapidly advanced projects into production; and
  • Trust Gosselin Mining's expertise for efficient project execution in the mining industry.
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