6 Tips for Succesful Bicycle Commuting

The cycling challenge will take place during the month of November and registration will open in September. Make sure to start cycling now and you have a really good chance to perform well in the challenge later this year!

6 tips for succesful bicycle commuting

Plan the route

Check in advance which paths you can take. It is not necessarily the shortest route that is best, sometimes a small detour can be both more scenic and faster. Look for the regional commuter routes and take a test drive on the weekend so you do not have to worry about getting it wrong when it comes to.

Soft start

Start easily by taking the bike one way and the bus or train home. Do the opposite the day after. Cycling can be part of putting together the puzzle of life, but you do not have to limit yourself but can change modes of transport according to day shape and desire.

Reasonable goals

Do not start cycling five days a week if you are above or have not cycled for a while. Test one or two days a week and see how it feels. Then you can increase. You will definitely feel a sore butt the first time if you are on top of the saddle!

Vary tempo

Depending on how much you have trained before and what you want to achieve with your cycling, you can choose to run a calmer recovery session in one direction and tougher intervals in the other direction. Remember that if you cycle both to and from work every day, the variation is important for both training development and to avoid overload.

Train strength

A healthy and wholesome body needs both cardio training, which makes the heart pump properly, and strength training that challenges the muscles. Combining cycling training with short and effective strength workouts that you can easily train at home, straps and weights in front of the TV is a good start.

Be spontaneous

Allow yourself a latte on the way to work, stop and enjoy the sunset on the way home. Each bike ride offers a unique opportunity to stop and take in your surroundings. When you have been cycling for a while, you will be full of experiences that you would never have had if you did not ride a car or public transport, take advantage of these moments for yourself. Enjoy!


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