The Ultimate Guide to Mining Truck Operation

Mining truck reliability can be enhanced by adhering to basic, common-sense operating practices. Mining operators can follow seven steps to guarantee their mining truck fleet is available and ready for operation at the start of every shift.

One way is to follow the 10/10/20 policy.
Loads exceeding 120% of rated capacity should be dumped at the nearest safe location.

The ultimate guide to mining truck operation

Adhere to 10/10/20 loading rule

One way is to stick to the 10/10/20 rule. No more than 10% of payloads can exceed 110% of the produciton rated payload. Additionally, no single payload should ever surpass the maximum allowable payload, which is typically 120% of the proudction rated Payload.

The mean of the all the payloads must not surpass the production rated payload, therefore a maximum of 50% of payloads may go beyond the production rated payload.

The ultimate guide to mining truck operation

Avoid uneven dumping and loading

Make sure when maneuvering into the loading and unloading zone that the rear axle is parked on level ground. Check that rear tires have not climbed up the safety berm or rack the rear axle while parking.

Do not reverse into the load or dump area at an angle that could cause rear dual tires to drive up the berm or park in a way that would rack the rear axle. Ensure the rear axle is not racked while loading or dumping.

Avoid contact with the safety berm in reverse at loading and unloading location. Back up to the designated loading area and come to a complete stop. High impacts from banks or berms can cause damage to the mining haul machine vehicle.

Appropriate cruising speed

Running at high speeds on haul roads can result in extreme frame racking. It is advisavle to decrease speed while traversing sharp turns, soft underfoot conditions, potholesm and other obstacles. Always ensure that all tires remain in contact with the ground at all times to minimize the risk of accidents.

Follow proper loading policy

Loading mining trucks improperly, such as off-center or on the canopy, can result in excessive wear and tear on tires and suspension, as well as cause balance issues for the truck during hauling.

Evenly and unevenly distributed load across the width


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