Battery Minerals-BATCircle 2.0 Receives Grant from Business Finland

BATCircle 2.0, a coalition headed by Aalto University, comprising of six research organizations and 15 companies, such as Fortum Recycling & Waste, has been awarded a grant of 10.8 million euros from a total funding budget of 19.3 million euros for a three-year period.

The BATCircle consortium aims at improving the manufacturing processes of mining, metals refining, and battery chemicals industries, and at increasing the recycling efficiency of lithium-ion batteries. The aim of creating a competitive and sustainable European battery industry is assisted now with BATCircle 2.0 receiving the funding from Business Finland.

The BATCircle consortium is built on the principles of collaboration and joint research interests between companies and research organisations. Research within the ecosystem has a strong focus on mitigating the effects of climate change, developing materials recycling, and contributing to sustainability in all steps of the battery metals and materials value chain.

In the BATCircle 2.0 project, Fortum develops capabilities for a lithium-ion battery recycling concept, comprising of safe and efficient logistics, pre-treatment for end-of-life batteries, mechanical recycling processing and the hydrometallurgical production of sustainable battery chemicals from recycled raw materials.

As a part of the funding granted to BATCircle 2.0 by Business Finland, Fortum receives a grant of 0,8 million euros, covering 40% of the total financing of the project.

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