Phos-3 Project Feasibility Study

GOSSELIN Mining prepared mine engineering for a Feasibility Study Technical Report in order to evaluate the economic potential of a mineral project as per the disclosure requirements under JORC 2012.

Saudi Arabia
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We specialize in providing consulting services and technical expertise for the mining industry, specifically for mineral exploration projects. Our team of highly skilled and experienced mine engineers, geologists, and mining professionals provide a comprehensive understanding of the necessary data and information to effectively assess the feasibility of the phosphate mining project.
We are proud to announce the completion of the Technical Report for a phosphate mineral project. The objective of the technical study was to provide a comprehensive technical and economic study of the selected development option for the phosphate mineral project that includes appropriately detailed assessments of applicable Modifying Factors under assessment. The report covers comprehensive reviews of geological sites, geotechnical information, hydrological data, environmental impacts and detailed economic criteria.
At Gosselin Mining, we provide our clients with accurate resources and dedicated professionals who are committed to achieving excellence in the mineral exploration industry. Our team is passionate about delivering quality results that are tailored to our client's specific needs.

Our organization had a very positive experience working with Gosselin Mining to provide mining engineering services such as mine design and pit optimization." Gilles Dubuisson, Director Technical Division, SOFRECO


Our challenges

We are pleased to present this technical report on the Phosphate Mineral Project Feasibility Study, completed under Covid-19 travel restrictions. Our team of experienced professionals worked diligently and thoroughly to assess the project’s potential for mineral exploration. Our team of experienced professionals, including mining engineers, geologists, and mineral industry consultants put together a comprehensive analysis of the project resources, potential profits, and risks associated with the development of the project.
This report includes data collection and sample testing, analysis of the economics and market conditions of the project, evaluation of environmental impacts, and a review of risks associated with the project. We have also provided a detailed summary of our findings and recommendations for the development of the project. We believe that this report will provide clients with an understanding of the potential feasibility and required investment for this project. We are confident that our thorough approach will prove to be beneficial for all stakeholders involved in this mineral exploration project.


Our solutions

At Gosselin Mining, we specialize in providing the most comprehensive technical evaluations and mine engineering consulting services for phosphate mineral projects. Our experienced team of mining engineers, geologists, and mineral exploration specialists has a wealth of expertise in the mining industry.
We understand that each phosphate mineral project contains its own array of challenges and opportunities. That's why we work closely with you to assess your technical and economic feasibility objectives for your project. Our professional team will provide a detailed report on the results of our analysis and make clear recommendations on how to proceed.
We also offer a range of other services such as mineral exploration services and project management. So no matter what your mining needs are, Gosselin Mining has you covered. Our goal is to help make your project successful in achieving its financial and technical objectives. Contact us today so we can help you take your mining business to the next level.


Project highlights

Our mining experts managed this project within the deadline and to the satisfaction of the client.

  • JORC Code Feasibility Study Report & Independent Competent Person
  • Industrial Mineral Ore Reserves estimation
  • Pit Optimization, mine planning and backfilling scheduling.
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